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Fresh from electric mountain and on Mau5trap recordings is Feed Me’s firing EP. The EP titled Feed Me’s Escape from Electric Mountain sports six dynamic tracks. John Gooch flexes his production talent through a journey of tempos, synths, vibes and genres. The tracks range from, drum and bass and dubstep to electro, yet each track blends perfectly into the next. Check out Feed Me in Hollywood, when he crashes The Music Box on March 17th, as part of his Teeth Tour.

All 6 tracks are heavily endorsed with Feed Me’s signature and all 6 tracks are favorites.

1. Download: Feed Me ft. Hadouken! – Trap Door (Original Mix)

2. Download: Feed Me – Relocation (Original Mix)

3. Download: Feed Me – One Click Headshot (Original Mix)
4. Download: Feed Me ft. Lindsay – Embers (Original Mix)

5. Download: Feed Me – Trichitillomania (Original Mix)

6. Download: Feed Me ft. Gemini – Whiskers (Original Mix)

House Anthems is resurrecting our Soundcloud Sunday’s series, featuring music submitted by our fans and followers. We receive tracks on a daily basis, ranging in genre, talent and style. Our series, Soundlcoud Sundays will feature the best tracks on the first Sunday of every month. Take the time to give these artists a listen, follow them on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter and feel free to leave comments below. They would appreciate it. To all the Artists and producers, continue to send us your music. Our ears are always open!
d’Anconia: Los Angeles, Ca.

d’Anconia is a 22 year-old producer/DJ based out of Los Angeles, CA and Syracuse, NY. Born Andrew Taggart in Maine, d’Anconia started producing at the age of 18 in his dorm room at Syracuse University. d‘Anconia doesn’t view himself as just an artist, but rather as an entrepreneur, ultimately looking to invest himself in areas of music, fashion and all forms of media. His sound has often been described as Skrillex meets Hardwell with melodic qualities that will run through your head for days.
d’Anconia: Soundcloud
d’Anconia: Facebook
d’Anconia: Twitter
Miami Life: Miami Beach, Fl.

Miami Life is a 3 man DJ/Producer group based out of Miami Beach, FL. They are here to make music and entertain all of you by doing so. WE ARE MIAMI LIFE.
Miami Life: Soundcloud
Miami Life: Facebook
Miami Life: Twitter
Hyperbits: New York, NY.

Hyperbits is a dynamic electronic dance music (EDM) producing duo based out of New York City. Utilizing their individual skill sets, which happen to be on opposite ends of the EDM spectrum, these two energetically & melodically fuse together big room progressive house, electro and trance. Enter Hyperbits, the creative and dynamic musical duo from NYC.
Hyberbits: Soundcloud
Hyberbits: Facebook
Hyberbits: Twitter
Live City: New York, NY.

Live from New York is Live City. Producing sounds ranging from Progressive to Electro, Live City just completed and released their first self titled EP.  On their EP they have 3 originals and 3 remixes. One original in particular ‘Connection Lost’ has a big room sound with big potential. Check out their full EP and the rest of Live City’s sounds on Soundcloud.
Live City: Soundcloud
Live City: Facebook
Cjaym: Stockholm, Sweden

Meet Carl-Johan Mölstad, the incredibly talented 21 year old producer from Sweden.
Cjaym: Soundcloud
Cjaym: Facebook
Third Culture: Middlebury, Vt.

Kyle Smith is a DJ, Producer, Controllerist, and college student based in Middlebury VT,  and New York City. Check out his two monthly podcasts of the best new releases from your favorite EDM artists, as his first EP coming soon. I highly recommend his Bingo Player’s bootleg.
Third Culture: Soundcloud
Third Culture: Facebook
Togglehead: Toronto, Canada

Aaron Metford, known as Togglehead is new to the game and puts together a great Trance/Progressive remix of David Guetta’s Anthem ‘Titanium’.
Togglehead: Soundcloud
Togglehead: Facebook
Togglehead: Twitter

Afojack’s new Anthem has the potential to be as big of a hit as ‘Take Over Control’. ‘Can’t Stop Me’ will cause some serious damage on the dance floor and in a ferstival setting this season.

Can Afrojack be stopped? He climbed his way to the 7 spot in DJ Mags Top 100 and has just enough mainstream in him to continue climbing. Progressive to dutch in 90 seconds, it’s ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’ feat. Shermanology.

Download: Can’t Stop Me (Club Mix) – Afrojack & Shermanology
(*Take note of  the club mix. Original coming soon.)

Finally ‘Spaceman’ has landed. ‘Spaceman’ is Hardwell’s follow up track to ‘Cobra’ which just saw its official music video premiere on MTV U.S. With ‘Spaceman’, Hardwell continues his mission, producing peak anthems at warp speeds. Hardwell  tested this track on his USA tour and reactions were undeniable. The tracks loaded with unexpected drops and the infectious Hardwell bassline. This guy is going places and this track will jet you outta here!

Hardwell put it best, “Call me a spaceman”.

Download: Spaceman (Original Mix) – Hardwell

‘Fuck U Betta’  is officially marked as Neon Hitch’s debut single that will be aggressively pushed to Top 40 radio and is slated to be her long-awaited break out tune. This single has all the markings of a massive hit with its tight, pulsing dance beat, irresistible hook and saucy lyrics. And that was even before Chuckie and LA Riots put their filthy hands on it. 

If your legs still hurt from Chuckie’s ‘Who’s Ready To Jump’, I’m sorry. Not normally a fan of the dirty dirty D, but Chuckie is on fire!

Download: Fuck U Betta (Chuckie Club Remix) – Neon Hitch

This track was screaming remix me. LA Riots maintains the original a little more then his rival, making it a House Anthems favorite.

Download: Fuck U Betta (LA Riots Remix) – Neon Hitch (*HA Favorite)

Dirty South has been on a roll ever since the release of ‘Alive’ and his remix of ‘Invisible’. Prepare to be wowed again. Dirty South has been hard at work putting together his latest progressive masterpiece. ‘Walking Alone’ is a massive production and collaboration with Those Usual Suspects, an Australian band made of former house DJ’s and Erik Hecht. ‘Walking Alone’ was also the Essential New Tune, during SHM’s Essential Selection show, back in September.
The Dirty South I remember. A big room progressive House Anthem and a must download!
Download: Walking Alone (Original Mix) – Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects feat. Erik Hecht