Who is Steerner and what is Ataraxia? Lets start with the name, Steerner. Niklas Sterner is his real name and you have probably already guessed that he is a native of Sweden. Unfortunately that is all I have on the man behind the following two Anthems, so you going to have to trust in his music. Steerner has been busy making some festival level noise and knows all the right people. Specifically the right Swedes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a release on, Axtone, Refune or Size Records in the near future and it has become common for Steerner to collaborate with fellow native Tjenberg. They quickly attracted some attention with only a preview of an Arena Bootleg of Dada Life’s Anthem ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt’ and shortly after, came ‘Ataraxia 2012 feat. Vuk Lazar’. Now what is Ataraxia? Ataraxia is a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety. A state of tranquillity. And that’s exactly what this Progressive House track is.

Consider Steerner a hidden gem in the electronic music industry, but not for much longer. Re-wind to 2007 and you will find the Axwell and Ingrosso Anthem, ‘It’s True’. Steerner resurrects the classic, adding his own unique skills, bootlegging it into a present day Progressive House Anthem!
Bonus Anthem: If you like me and can’t get enough of this fresh sound here is one more track appropriately titled ‘Piano Anthem’.