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Size Records newcomers Qulinez established themselves earlier this year with the release of the massive Anthem ‘Troll’. The Pete Tong certified winter Anthem was heard in every set and every podcast throughout the first quarter and made it as high as the number four spot on Beatports Progressive House chart. Now they return to the forefront with a remix of ‘A Heavy Abacus’, a single from the Welsh alternative group The Joy Formidable. The remix was premiered by Tiesto at UMF and has been in high demand ever since. Qulinez’s brings an elegant array of melodic leads alongside their unobtainable signature synths. This is the monster capable of topping ‘Troll’! ‘A Heavy Abacus (Qulinez Remix)’ was released today on Atlantic Records.

Was I the only one who totally missed the innuendo behind the Swedish House Mafia track ‘Greyhound’? I guess the sponsorship from Absolut wasn’t enough to illuminate the reference to the vodka and grapefruit drink. However my oblivion changed today with this fresh bootleg from eSQUIRE. According to Mixologists, making a drink dirty means, the slight change in color or taste by adding an essential ingredient. eSQUIRE’s essential ingredient; the dirty talk of Wynter Gordon.

Listen responsibly.

Who is Steerner and what is Ataraxia? Lets start with the name, Steerner. Niklas Sterner is his real name and you have probably already guessed that he is a native of Sweden. Unfortunately that is all I have on the man behind the following two Anthems, so you going to have to trust in his music. Steerner has been busy making some festival level noise and knows all the right people. Specifically the right Swedes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a release on, Axtone, Refune or Size Records in the near future and it has become common for Steerner to collaborate with fellow native Tjenberg. They quickly attracted some attention with only a preview of an Arena Bootleg of Dada Life’s Anthem ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt’ and shortly after, came ‘Ataraxia 2012 feat. Vuk Lazar’. Now what is Ataraxia? Ataraxia is a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety. A state of tranquillity. And that’s exactly what this Progressive House track is.

Consider Steerner a hidden gem in the electronic music industry, but not for much longer. Re-wind to 2007 and you will find the Axwell and Ingrosso Anthem, ‘It’s True’. Steerner resurrects the classic, adding his own unique skills, bootlegging it into a present day Progressive House Anthem!
Bonus Anthem: If you like me and can’t get enough of this fresh sound here is one more track appropriately titled ‘Piano Anthem’.

Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Bjorklund continue to drop Anthems and Cazzette’s latest “original” may be their best track yet. ‘Bjornstammen’ is a fresh Electro tune that samples vocals from a Swedish original produced by Den Svenska Bjornstammen. With great management, global popularity and their proven ability to produce great tracks, Cazzette will continue to climb fast in the hottest and most competitive scene.

‘Bjornstammen’ is another Anthem to add to their arsenal of tracks.

“Wherever I turn in the world
I still stand here with empty hands
Longing for something to save me”

Following their EP release on Zouk Recordings, rising Swedish Progressive House producers, Brilliant take on the work of Toronto based outfit DVBBS. Brilliant re-works ‘DRVGS’ adding a grinding array of Electro tingled leads, and high energy drum progressions. They mix the seductive vocals of Canadian songstress, Hayley Gene nearly to perfection. With their spark of floor filling energy to the original cut, the promising Swede asset proves their ability as leaders of the new school.

Adrian Lux has produced some truly impressive singles over the past year, and his anticipated self-titled debut album on Ultra Records proves, Lux is aligned with the hype. His breakthrough Anthem ‘Teenage Crime’ leads the way, followed by emotive vocal Anthems and instrumental hits. The record showcases Lux’s diverse quality and unlimited capabilities. Over the years Adrian Lux has recruited vocal assets; Rebecaa & Fiona, Lune, Dante and the Good Natured, to create unforgettable club and Progressive hits. Adrian Lux concludes the debut with a homage to his Swedish peers with a remake of ‘Leave The World Behind’. Rigooruous studio work, and inspired Progressive House music solidify Adrian Lux as a new-shcool contender.

Download: Adrian Lux feat. Dante – Burning (Original Mix)

Download: Adrian Lux feat. Joakim Berg – All I Ever Wanted (Original Mix)

Download: Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Radio Edit) (*HA All-Time Favorite*)

Download: Adrian Lux – Weekend Heroes (Original Mix)

Download: Adrian Lux – Can’t Sleep (Radio Edit)

Download: Adrian Lux – Angels (Original Mix)

Download: Adrian Lux feat. And Then – Silence (Radio Edit)

Download: Adrian Lux feat. Rebecca & Fiona – Boy (Radio Edit)

Download: Adrian Lux feat. The Good Natured – Alive (Original Mix) (*HA Favorite*)

Download: Adrian Lux – Wildheart (Original Mix)

Download: Adrian Lux feat. Lune – Fire (Radio Edit)

Download: Adrian Lux – Leave The World Behind (Original Mix) (*HA Favorite*)

After 3 year of torment, we will finally get an official release of Dada Life’s, “go to” live Anthem, ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt.’ I remember experiencing this song when the Dada came to San Diego for New Years Eve, back in 2011. Since then, low quality videos have been satisfying my appetite. Its only a preview, but enough to make you go bananas!

This release will make Dada Life relavent again.

Continue to get teased or Do The Cazzette and roll with some other Swedes making some serious noise. As always another Anthemic remix from Cazzette. Auto-tune vocal sampling is killer!