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I have been paying close attention to Project 46 since they started blowing up Soundcloud almost six months ago. The majority of the blog world including House Anthems tagged Project 46 as one of the top artists to watch in 2012. After the Canadian duo released their first Beatport EP, it was clear the talent, vision and drive was all in place. Their Limitless EP was a hit and instantly became a Beatport Top 10 Album release. All three tracks charted a spot in the Top 100. Today, Project 46 follows up their Anthemic release ‘Reasons’ (Released earlier this week) with one of the most stunning Progressive House tracks of the year. Layered synths, and formulaic builds and drops lead to a Deadmau5-level production.

It’s official Project 46 has exploded and their music is straight ecstasy!

Five days ago Project 46 released their Anthem, ‘Reasons feat. Andrew Allen’. Yes it’s a simple melody, but the duo develops it too perfection. Allen’s vocals accompanied by well structured builds and a raw grand piano have driven this Anthem all the way to the number two spot on Beatport’s Top 100 Chart.

‘Slide’ was the first track to attract my attention and was featured on the Limitless EP.

The masters of Big Room sound, ID’s, and bootlegs are in the spotlight again! Project 46 has been tagged as one of the top artists to watch in 2012. Their latest project is a bootleg of Fatboy Slim’s Anthem, ‘Praise You’ and Alesso’s ‘Years’. This Anthem reached #1 on Hypem!

We will continue to follow Project46 and you can too. Check out the plethora of Anthems on Soundcloud.

When is enough Avicii enough? The official full version of ‘Enough is Enough’ was released in mid November. What makes every Avicii track irresistible? Is it the beautiful composition, the dramatic chord progressions, or the vocals? It’s probably all of the above. Avicii has surpassed his huge breakout year in 2010 and 2011 has proven to be another incredible year.
Download: Enough Is Enough (Don’t Give Up On Us) – Avicii

Hear 3 more remixes equally as good if not better then the original. Starting with my favorite 18 year old from Poland. If you don’t know who Pixel Cheese is, get with the program. He only has a few bootlegs & remixes but has racked up a few million views.
Download: Don’t Give Up On Us (Enough Is Enough) (Pixel Cheese ‘Hype Machine’ Mix) – Avicii

The kid from New Jersey pumps in some filthy electro. He’s on the right track. Let him show you!
Download: Don’t Give Up On Us (Enough Is Enough)(Aylen & That Moment Remix) – Avicii
First time I have ever heard of Project 46. P46 unleashes a bootleg that will rock your World just a little bit.
Download: Enough is Enough (Project 46 Bootleg) – Avicii