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Anything Madeon or his music and House Anthems is all over it.  Youtube acoustic sensation, Collin McLoughlin took a stab at the EDM World and absolutely nailed it, with his vocal edit of the Madeon Anthem ‘Icarus’. McLoughlin preserves the exhilarating feeling that characterizes Madeaon’s music and his uplifting vocals expand upon the central theme of the original Anthem perfectly.

Bonus Anthem: Some more ‘Icarus’, this time from the Toronto trio Keys N Krates. I actually prefer their remix to the original. KNK add a little more hip, energy and flare!

Kaskade has just released the much anticipated remix package of ‘Lick It’. The groundbreaking collaboration between Skrillex and Raddon, which made its way onto Kaskade’s album Fire & Ice. First up is the work of Datsik. Not many listeners were impressed with Datsik’s album Vitamin D, but everyone should be a fan of this remix. Datsik wrecks the original, taking it in a entirely new direction. His rework is a layer of filth upon filth, that would better pass as a Skrillex/Datsik collaboration. Loudness buttons on for the Dubstep bass filled frenzy!

If I had to do it all over again, I would bail on SHM and scope this lazer freak live.


Italy’s Alex Kenji joins Datsik and Norman Doray on the remix package. Alex Kenji’s remix preserves the original sound, while adding an array of dynamic techy beats. His upbeat touch formulates more of an edit then a remix, creating an-all-around great House beat.

Download: Lick It (Alex Kenji Remix) – Kaskade & Skrillex (*HA Favorite*)

Hot off his impressive Spinnin endeavor ‘Leo’ and colossal collaboration ‘Trilogy’, Norman Doray takes on the Anthemic project ‘Lick It’, produced by Kaskade and Skrillex. The House perfectionist looks to continue his momentum amid the global House explosion, by adding his own big rooom style to the original. Not the best, but still a satisfying remix and could receive some high-profile air time. 

I’m always curious as too how much influence artists have in the music videos. The official video for ‘Lick It’ was released alongside the remix package. Refresh yourself on the original sound and get visual. Its weird. 

I have been in a heavy pursuit of French and Italian House lately and Paris’s own La Tourette, is hot off the release of his EP, Eclipse. The 2 track EP is most recognized by The S’s, remix of ‘Eclipse’. Once again the Italian duo, show their Electro House prowess and provide a perfect remix. If your searching for a fresh sound unique to the scene, this is it!

Bonus Anthem: Unfamiliar with The S’s style? Just listen.

House Anthems has always been a big supporter of the 17 year-old superstar Madeon and now the World has caught on.  Madeon’s freshest Anthem is a remix of Martin Solveig’s forthcoming single ‘The Night Out’. Naturally, Madeon’s remix was premiered during prime-time on BBC Radio 1 and showcases his production maturity. The remix samples Madeon’s irresistibly funky French-house style.

More proof Madeon is worth the hype. Two weeks until Coachella!

Bonus Anthem: The infamous display of Madeon magic. His 40 song mashup titled ‘Pop Culture’

Tristan Garner takes another stride in separating himself from the rest of the crowd. The Paris based producer continues his rise, with an incredible tribute to the gods of electronic music; Daft Punk. Garner revisits the robots discography, leading you on an epic journey from Electro-rock to Aerodynamic-house. ‘Punx’ is easily one of the best Anthems of the month.

The French producer excels in reigniting the sound that changed the electronic music World.

Covering a track as universally popular as M83′s sublime ‘Midnight City’ is a risky move. New York’s finest, The Knocks, joined by vocalist Mandy Lee took that risk and set this track on fire! With the amount of success and the coverage this track had last year, it is crazy to think a cover could sound better. The Knocks re-creation is a disco popping Anthem that will drive you straight to the  dance floor.

I’m not crazy, it is better then the original. Put this on repeat.

Download: Midnight City (M83 Cover) – The Knocks Feat. Mandy Lee

If you really like this track check out the ethereal remix by Eric Prydz.

The city, the burbs or coastal its time to get down. The unclassifiable French production duo have garnered fans from all corners of the music universe. This track, ‘City Kids’ was taken off of their recent EP No Title Or Purpose (Released in France) on Dim Mak Records.
Things get a little twisted around the 1 minute mark. Loudness buttons on for this Electro Anthem. Enjoy!
Download: City Kids (Original Mix) – Mustard Pimp & Dirtyphonics