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Monday marked the release of two new singles from the masterminds behind last years platinum Anthem ‘Epic’. Lets start with Quintino. A Holland native who doesn’t release tracks very often, so when he does you can expect greatness. ‘Circuits’ is a collaboration with MOTI released by way of Afrojack’s label Wall Recordings. It is clear Quintino is the mastermind behind this track. The dark bassline and booming kicks can instantly be recognized, as the track builds into a Dutch drop. ‘Circuit’ is the style of track that defines the Wall Recordings imprint.

Dutch House fans rejoice!

Download: Circuits (Original Mix) – Quintino & MOTI


Sandro Silva’s release comes by way of Bingo Players label Hysteria. ‘Core’ is Silva’s second solo release of the year and rides the trend of harder tracks designed for festival crowds and speakers. The chord progression is simple and common but eventually drops into heavy upbeat synths that develop into an original melody. 

Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Bjorklund continue to drop Anthems and Cazzette’s latest “original” may be their best track yet. ‘Bjornstammen’ is a fresh Electro tune that samples vocals from a Swedish original produced by Den Svenska Bjornstammen. With great management, global popularity and their proven ability to produce great tracks, Cazzette will continue to climb fast in the hottest and most competitive scene.

‘Bjornstammen’ is another Anthem to add to their arsenal of tracks.

“Wherever I turn in the world
I still stand here with empty hands
Longing for something to save me”

Kaskade has just released the much anticipated remix package of ‘Lick It’. The groundbreaking collaboration between Skrillex and Raddon, which made its way onto Kaskade’s album Fire & Ice. First up is the work of Datsik. Not many listeners were impressed with Datsik’s album Vitamin D, but everyone should be a fan of this remix. Datsik wrecks the original, taking it in a entirely new direction. His rework is a layer of filth upon filth, that would better pass as a Skrillex/Datsik collaboration. Loudness buttons on for the Dubstep bass filled frenzy!

If I had to do it all over again, I would bail on SHM and scope this lazer freak live.


Italy’s Alex Kenji joins Datsik and Norman Doray on the remix package. Alex Kenji’s remix preserves the original sound, while adding an array of dynamic techy beats. His upbeat touch formulates more of an edit then a remix, creating an-all-around great House beat.

Download: Lick It (Alex Kenji Remix) – Kaskade & Skrillex (*HA Favorite*)

Hot off his impressive Spinnin endeavor ‘Leo’ and colossal collaboration ‘Trilogy’, Norman Doray takes on the Anthemic project ‘Lick It’, produced by Kaskade and Skrillex. The House perfectionist looks to continue his momentum amid the global House explosion, by adding his own big rooom style to the original. Not the best, but still a satisfying remix and could receive some high-profile air time. 

I’m always curious as too how much influence artists have in the music videos. The official video for ‘Lick It’ was released alongside the remix package. Refresh yourself on the original sound and get visual. Its weird. 

Porter’s new Anthem ‘Language’ was absolutely phenomenal live at Coachella. The progressive breakdown the Porter has mastered, jolted the Sahara tent into the sky on Sunday afternoon. Since the official release of ‘Language’, No Body has crafted their own bootleg version. The duo does a great job maintaining the signature progressive breakdown, and sends it straight to the main stage with their own Electro flare.

The good news; Dada Life finally released one of their most anticipated and demanded tracks ever. The bad news; they were out-done twice by two remixes. The track first appeared at EDC in 2010 and since then it has been making crowds go bananas. This time the Swedish fuzz masters jumped on the auto-tune bandwagon, with a vocal line that has stirred a frenzy amid Dada fans. However, the rest of the track is full of moderate thrills and re-occurring sounds. Your forced to ask yourself what really makes this track so great. The vocal auto tune or the trademark Dada synths? If your leaning towards the vocal auto-tune then I can almost guarantee you will favor the remixes.

While the Cazzette remix was released amid Dada Life’s Musical Freedom compilation last month, the newest release, sees a remix from dirty Dutch king pin Chuckie. Chuckie rolls with the similar style we have heard from his recent studio releases. Chuckie’s remix rounds the package off with a unique take on the original, delivering a hard-hitting merge of distorted leads and grinding bass.

Felix Cartal’s has many different faces and each one is as beautiful as the next. His skill set is ever changing and most recently, Felix Cartal got his hands on the Crystal Fighter’s original, ‘Plage’. The popping drops sound very similar to his recent Anthem ‘Black To White’. Felix does an excellent job adding a touch of “ukelele pop symphony” to the remarkably catchy original.

If have been ignoring Felix Cartal, STOP IT!

First the release, then the music video and now the remix package. Six fresh remixes of Steve Aoki’s track ‘Cudi The Kid’ were released early last week. The package is headlined by; Third Party, Lucky Date, and Designer Drugs. Not a big fan of Aoki or the original, but the Designer Drugs remix caught my attention.

Aoki has been Keeping the momentum going his ultra successful Deadmeat Tour. Aoki continues to bring his debut studio album Wonderland to life, with the release of the official video for ‘Cudi The Kid’. Expect a creepy clown in this dark, allusive video and cameos from Travis Barker, and Kid Cudi.