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I posted Kaskade’s Coachella live set earlier today and like most of you today was the first time I heard the entire set. Conflicting set times is the worst thing about music festivals and I passed up the American all star for this man, Sub Focus. While Kaskade was dropping Progressive bombs in the Sahara Tent, Sub Focus was busy blowing out his bass. Sub Focus first premiered his vocal Anthem on Mistajam’s Radio 1 way back in January. Until now all we’ve heard is previews and the Laidback Luke remix. ‘Out Of The Blue’ is the debut single from the highly anticipated sophomore album, which is expected to be released sometime this fall. The track features vocals by Alice Gold and Sub Focus’s notorious breakbeat and syncopated percussion.

An infectious and irresistible slice of Drum & Bass.

Bonus Anthem: Before ‘Out Of The Blue’, there was ‘Falling Down’. Get to know London’s legend.

With the endorsement of Above & Beyond, Ajunabeats and Viper Recordings, Seven Lions finally released his Polarize EP over the weekend. As Dubstep continues to grow as one of the biggest trends in music, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find artists that not only stand out, but that can also create something unique and worthy of the replay button. Jeff Montalvo is that artist and his astonishing EP is where its at.
‘Below Us’ featuring Shaz Sparks is probably the biggest track on the EP and I mean Nero big. The track is massive in size and sound. Huge wobbles are tightly knit together with airy pads, electric piano keys and the spirited voice of Shaz Sparks puts the arrangement together. The track is airtight with detail and intricacies.
Let the basslines do the rest of the talking, and I guarantee Seven Lions’ Polarize EP will be one of the most memorable Dubstep releases of 2012.


It is nearly impossible to escape the suction of the Sahara Tent at Coachella, but if you did then you may have been fortunate to catch Florence and her machines live. Florence is one of the more unique talents in the music industry today and I heard I missed quite the live performance. Her Anthem ‘Cosmic Love’ has been remixed by several but never with the skill and preservation you’re about to hear from Seven Lions. 

Gemini’s remix of the Lana Del Rey Anthem ‘Born To Die’ was featured by UKF Dubstep at the end of 2011, but just saw its official Beatport release today. The 21 year old UK music-talent blends his appealing melodic styled Dubstep perfectly with the orchestral elements and original vocals. Since Gemini’s remix landed on the UKF channel it has received over 2 million views.

A must download from Gemini!

At the beginning of March, I posted Adam F’s fresh Dubstep Anthem, ‘When The Rain Is Gone’, with remixes from Delta Heavy and Michael Woods. Today marks the official release of the entire EP which includes a VIP mix from Adam F and Cory Enemy. VIP remixes are much heavier then the originals and this track follows tradition.

Bump this Anthem loud!

Xilent has seemingly come out of no where. The Polish Drum & Bass producer posses the vision and all the right skills for creating big sounds. Xilent’s remix of ‘Love & Oxygen’ is melodic even at it’s heaviest moments. Big drums, unique vocals and huge synths is everything you could ever ask for. If you looking for the “ideal Dubstep track”, that is not too heavy and not too soft, then this is it. This is the kind of perfection Dubstep needs.


Kaskade has just released the much anticipated remix package of ‘Lick It’. The groundbreaking collaboration between Skrillex and Raddon, which made its way onto Kaskade’s album Fire & Ice. First up is the work of Datsik. Not many listeners were impressed with Datsik’s album Vitamin D, but everyone should be a fan of this remix. Datsik wrecks the original, taking it in a entirely new direction. His rework is a layer of filth upon filth, that would better pass as a Skrillex/Datsik collaboration. Loudness buttons on for the Dubstep bass filled frenzy!

If I had to do it all over again, I would bail on SHM and scope this lazer freak live.


Italy’s Alex Kenji joins Datsik and Norman Doray on the remix package. Alex Kenji’s remix preserves the original sound, while adding an array of dynamic techy beats. His upbeat touch formulates more of an edit then a remix, creating an-all-around great House beat.

Download: Lick It (Alex Kenji Remix) – Kaskade & Skrillex (*HA Favorite*)

Hot off his impressive Spinnin endeavor ‘Leo’ and colossal collaboration ‘Trilogy’, Norman Doray takes on the Anthemic project ‘Lick It’, produced by Kaskade and Skrillex. The House perfectionist looks to continue his momentum amid the global House explosion, by adding his own big rooom style to the original. Not the best, but still a satisfying remix and could receive some high-profile air time. 

I’m always curious as too how much influence artists have in the music videos. The official video for ‘Lick It’ was released alongside the remix package. Refresh yourself on the original sound and get visual. Its weird. 

Delta Heavy is back with the heavy sound that has made them famous. After their brief reprieve with the chiller side of Dubstep, the UK duo returns with a remix of, Rita Ora’s track ‘R.I.P.’ ‘R.I.P.’ was originally written by Drake and produced by Chase & Status and has all the elements necessary for a perfect Dubstep remix. Ben Hall and Simon James, take the original to the next level, with what we can now label, Delta Heavy’s “signature sound”.

Music to rage too. This track RIPS.