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The M Machine released their new EP, Metropolis Pt. I today, after it’s premier on Rolling Stone. After 23k Facebook “Likes” and summer gigs at EDC and Electric Zoo, little was still known about the three man DJ group. Now, after months of silence the San Francisco trio has unveiled the mystery behind their sound. The first half of their debut album contains six tracks oozing with original sound. Bridging genres, the M Machine incorporates Electronica, Electro House and even Indie influenced dance elements that together create complex atmospheres, beautiful melodies and amazing synth riffs. Not only has their sound created a huge buzz in electronic music, but it just happened to catch Skrillex’s attention. Metropolis Pt. I was released on OWSLA Records. 

“The beautiful part of electronic music right now is that it’s literally infinite,” Coenen explains. “We write songs just like any other indie band or rock band would, but every instrument is powerful and big because it’s all electronic. You have the best of both worlds – the heaviness of dance music, but you then have the soul of vocal driven music.”

Andy Coenen

Since the begining The M Machines intentions have all been visual. They  wanted to write an album  conceptual and immense with imagery. Metropolis is a concept album. Each song is a different chapter in the story of dystopian city. With this release, The M Machine looks to perfect the union between Man and Machine.

“Sonically, the driving bass of  ‘Immigrants’ and dubstep dancefloor killer ‘Shadow In The Rose Garden’ aggressively assert the raw power of electronic music, while ‘A King Alone’ and ‘Faces’ showcase the band’s human touch: vocal-driven synth-pop at its finest. Replete with massive string arrangements, ‘Deep Search’ and ‘Black’ further demonstrate the trio’s production prowess, yet reveal a refreshing emphasis on musicality, further highlighting the cinematic feeling that has become one of the band’s trademarks”.

I posted Kaskade’s Coachella live set earlier today and like most of you today was the first time I heard the entire set. Conflicting set times is the worst thing about music festivals and I passed up the American all star for this man, Sub Focus. While Kaskade was dropping Progressive bombs in the Sahara Tent, Sub Focus was busy blowing out his bass. Sub Focus first premiered his vocal Anthem on Mistajam’s Radio 1 way back in January. Until now all we’ve heard is previews and the Laidback Luke remix. ‘Out Of The Blue’ is the debut single from the highly anticipated sophomore album, which is expected to be released sometime this fall. The track features vocals by Alice Gold and Sub Focus’s notorious breakbeat and syncopated percussion.

An infectious and irresistible slice of Drum & Bass.

Bonus Anthem: Before ‘Out Of The Blue’, there was ‘Falling Down’. Get to know London’s legend.

Who is Steerner and what is Ataraxia? Lets start with the name, Steerner. Niklas Sterner is his real name and you have probably already guessed that he is a native of Sweden. Unfortunately that is all I have on the man behind the following two Anthems, so you going to have to trust in his music. Steerner has been busy making some festival level noise and knows all the right people. Specifically the right Swedes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a release on, Axtone, Refune or Size Records in the near future and it has become common for Steerner to collaborate with fellow native Tjenberg. They quickly attracted some attention with only a preview of an Arena Bootleg of Dada Life’s Anthem ‘Rolling Stone T-Shirt’ and shortly after, came ‘Ataraxia 2012 feat. Vuk Lazar’. Now what is Ataraxia? Ataraxia is a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety. A state of tranquillity. And that’s exactly what this Progressive House track is.

Consider Steerner a hidden gem in the electronic music industry, but not for much longer. Re-wind to 2007 and you will find the Axwell and Ingrosso Anthem, ‘It’s True’. Steerner resurrects the classic, adding his own unique skills, bootlegging it into a present day Progressive House Anthem!
Bonus Anthem: If you like me and can’t get enough of this fresh sound here is one more track appropriately titled ‘Piano Anthem’.

First the release, then the music video and now the remix package. Six fresh remixes of Steve Aoki’s track ‘Cudi The Kid’ were released early last week. The package is headlined by; Third Party, Lucky Date, and Designer Drugs. Not a big fan of Aoki or the original, but the Designer Drugs remix caught my attention.

Aoki has been Keeping the momentum going his ultra successful Deadmeat Tour. Aoki continues to bring his debut studio album Wonderland to life, with the release of the official video for ‘Cudi The Kid’. Expect a creepy clown in this dark, allusive video and cameos from Travis Barker, and Kid Cudi.

Delta Heavy has been holding the World at attention since their remix release of Nero’s ‘Must Be The Feeling’. This remix slipped by me and was released via Delta Heavy’s Soundcloud 25 days ago. It is an official remix for the Oxford electro-pop group Fixers. Delta Heavy transforms the shimmering electro track into a deep, engaging Dubstep masterpiece. The vocals are paired perfectly with  throbbing synths and bassline.

A chiller departure from their usual rage face Drum & Bass style.  ‘Iron Deer Dream’ is Anthem status!

The post Diplo era has not been friendly to M.I.A. Controversy in the public media and mixed opinions have put M.I.A.’s career on a bit of a decline ever since 2007. However the bad girl herself has stormed back into the scene and caught my attention, with a controversial Super Bowl performance and her new track titled ‘Bad Girls’.
The explosive dirty, nitty gritty track, just got a little filthy. Bad girls do it well!

Vegas Baby takes the Royksopp club Anthem ‘What Else Is There’ and reworks it for 2012. This track gained huge support fast from Tiesto and aired on Club Life: 250.

It is incredible how every day the music gets better in this industry.

Download: What Else Is There  – Vegas Baby Vs. Royksopp