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Porter’s new Anthem ‘Language’ was absolutely phenomenal live at Coachella. The progressive breakdown the Porter has mastered, jolted the Sahara tent into the sky on Sunday afternoon. Since the official release of ‘Language’, No Body has crafted their own bootleg version. The duo does a great job maintaining the signature progressive breakdown, and sends it straight to the main stage with their own Electro flare.

Following their EP release on Zouk Recordings, rising Swedish Progressive House producers, Brilliant take on the work of Toronto based outfit DVBBS. Brilliant re-works ‘DRVGS’ adding a grinding array of Electro tingled leads, and high energy drum progressions. They mix the seductive vocals of Canadian songstress, Hayley Gene nearly to perfection. With their spark of floor filling energy to the original cut, the promising Swede asset proves their ability as leaders of the new school.

Ken Loi and Erik Hecht is a recipe for goodness. From Progressive House to Trance, no matter what the San Fran native remixes it always turns out to be a major gem. This time Loi takes on ‘You & I’. A track from two newcomers making their way out of Australia. The original, produced by Minx & Nordean, is a dreamy feel-good Progressive tune accompanied by Hecht’s smooth vocals. Ken Loi reliably adds the “Big room” sound.

After the huge support Carl Tricks received for ‘8090’, Carl created the main stage Anthem ‘Mad Dash’. It caught the attention of the Bingo Players who sauced it up and hit you with it in Miami.

Nobody else is pumping out tracks with this much styzz right now. Loudness buttons on!

Tracks are slowly hitting the market as we get closer and closer to the release of Tiësto’s new mix album Club Life – Volume Two Miami. Today marks the release of the single ‘We Own The Night’. The hyped collaboration between Tiësto and Wolfgang Gartner. The two superstar DJs created a masterpiece.  Perfect vocals paired with a powerful instrumental, create an epic release.

Here is what the two super stars had to say about their working relationship.

Tiësto says, “I’ve been a huge fan of Wolfgang for years. As a producer, there are few out there with the kind of talent he has, so teaming up was always something I was very keen to make happen. I’m really happy with how the track turned out; you can hear each of our individual styles on there, but together they create something really special!

Wolfgang Gartner adds, “When Tiësto brought up the idea of collaboration I was thrilled and I think “We Own The Night” is destined to be a classic.  We were already happy with the musical part, but something special happened when Luciana came into the project and put her vocal touch on it. The only way I can describe it is…magic.  I can honestly say this song is my favorite of all the collaborations I’ve ever done.”

Dedicated to the late night hours. 

Dirty South’s touch-up of the Mike Snow Anthem, ‘Devils Work’ is absolutely mesmerizing. The black & whites is what puts this track over the top and Dragan Roganovic does a tremendous job of keeping it intact. The work of Dirty South on this Anthemic remix levels with the Grammy nominated ‘Sweet Dispostion’ remix. Mastered!

This remix gets me excited about Dirty South again. Huge!

Adrian Lux has produced some truly impressive singles over the past year, and his anticipated self-titled debut album on Ultra Records proves, Lux is aligned with the hype. His breakthrough Anthem ‘Teenage Crime’ leads the way, followed by emotive vocal Anthems and instrumental hits. The record showcases Lux’s diverse quality and unlimited capabilities. Over the years Adrian Lux has recruited vocal assets; Rebecaa & Fiona, Lune, Dante and the Good Natured, to create unforgettable club and Progressive hits. Adrian Lux concludes the debut with a homage to his Swedish peers with a remake of ‘Leave The World Behind’. Rigooruous studio work, and inspired Progressive House music solidify Adrian Lux as a new-shcool contender.

Download: Adrian Lux feat. Dante – Burning (Original Mix)

Download: Adrian Lux feat. Joakim Berg – All I Ever Wanted (Original Mix)

Download: Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Radio Edit) (*HA All-Time Favorite*)

Download: Adrian Lux – Weekend Heroes (Original Mix)

Download: Adrian Lux – Can’t Sleep (Radio Edit)

Download: Adrian Lux – Angels (Original Mix)

Download: Adrian Lux feat. And Then – Silence (Radio Edit)

Download: Adrian Lux feat. Rebecca & Fiona – Boy (Radio Edit)

Download: Adrian Lux feat. The Good Natured – Alive (Original Mix) (*HA Favorite*)

Download: Adrian Lux – Wildheart (Original Mix)

Download: Adrian Lux feat. Lune – Fire (Radio Edit)

Download: Adrian Lux – Leave The World Behind (Original Mix) (*HA Favorite*)