Tracks are slowly hitting the market as we get closer and closer to the release of Tiësto’s new mix album Club Life – Volume Two Miami. Today marks the release of the single ‘We Own The Night’. The hyped collaboration between Tiësto and Wolfgang Gartner. The two superstar DJs created a masterpiece.  Perfect vocals paired with a powerful instrumental, create an epic release.

Here is what the two super stars had to say about their working relationship.

Tiësto says, “I’ve been a huge fan of Wolfgang for years. As a producer, there are few out there with the kind of talent he has, so teaming up was always something I was very keen to make happen. I’m really happy with how the track turned out; you can hear each of our individual styles on there, but together they create something really special!

Wolfgang Gartner adds, “When Tiësto brought up the idea of collaboration I was thrilled and I think “We Own The Night” is destined to be a classic.  We were already happy with the musical part, but something special happened when Luciana came into the project and put her vocal touch on it. The only way I can describe it is…magic.  I can honestly say this song is my favorite of all the collaborations I’ve ever done.”

Dedicated to the late night hours.