Hope you having a fantastic weekend. This Futurecop remix is the perfect track to accompany your Sunday. Tracks been on the loop all day. Can’t always be fist pumping, so add this to your collection of mellow tunes. Works great with ‘Big Jet Plane (Adam Gee Remix)’ – Angus & Julia Stone and Flashback (Original Mix)’ – The Dirty Tees. Enjoy!

<iframe src=”http://soundowl.com/embed/12wu&#8221; width=”413″ height=”33″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”><a href=”http://soundowl.com/track/12wu/the-naked-the-famous-young-blood-futurecop-remix”>Download The Naked & The Famous Young Blood (Futurecop Remix)</a></iframe><br><span><a href=”http://soundowl.com/track/12wu/the-naked-the-famous-young-blood-futurecop-remix”>The Naked & The Famous Young Blood (Futurecop Remix)</a><a href=”http://dl.soundowl.com/12wu.mp3″></a></span&gt;